Mr. H. S. Saini

The Proprietor of this Group – Mr. H. S. Saini has experience of more than 40 years in the field of fabrication and machining he has also awarded “SHRAM VIR NATIONAL AWARD” for his suggestions for “PROMOTING INDUSTRIAL EFFICIENCY” he was also associated with LARSEN & TOUBRO LTD. for more than 25 years. He established this enterprise with work of Tube Sheet drilling and machinist in the year of 1985. From this modest beginning the company attracted orders for fabrication of Heat Exchangers. With the support of qualified engineers and dedicated workers, the company has now acquired a niche as a Group specialized in the Drilling and machining as well as fabrication of Heat Exchangers. With this progress the facility is now a Heavy Machine Shop.


Established in 1985 Saini Group

Established in 1985 Saini Group is a India based Group of Industries structured into four market focused business groups, each offering specialist knowledge, skills, and expertise to their markets. Talented people throughout deliver successful solutions and collaborate with our customers, through innovation, and a passion to perform. Over the years, we have introduced many new technologies, innovative techniques to realize our ongoing focus on adding value to our clients business. Our market focused business segments also in CNC Floor Boring, CNC Plano miller, Various Range of VTL, Radial Drilling Machine, Shearing, Press Brake and huge fabrication facility.

We are the very first in the Service Industries to offer CNC Drilling Machine facility of such capacity in India. We offers Machining, Drilling and Grooving of Different Engineering Components Specialized in Tube Sheets and Boiler Drum Drilling. We also serve all the Leading Manufacturers of Equipment used in Heat Transfer Technology, Power Generation Technology and the direct users such as Oil Refiners, Fertilizer Producers, Petro-Chemical makers, Pharmaceuticals, Food processors. We give below the Group of Associate Companies that are engaged in meeting the goals of our esteemed clients.

By embracing new technologies, innovative techniques, we deliver reliable products and optimal services Because of the culture of innovation and partnership built into our group, customers turn to us when faced with a technical challenge or problem. The hightech challenges that the semiconductor industry tackle to shape our future requires partners that share their attention to precision quality and detail.

Our clients are entitled to expect the best from us; firms like us have to offer in terms of delivery, workmanship, and fair price and these we strive to provide with the zeal and enthusiasm which we have attained over the years in catering to the Industries. The faith shown by the giants in the business enables us to double our efforts to maintain these attributes.

The Capabilities of our Group of Companies have been highlighted with a few photographs to illustrate the kind of activities that we undertake to serve the diverse needs of the Industry.


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